8 E-Newsletters for Creative INspiration – Episode 18

Sarah shares eight of her favorite e-newsletters. What she likes about each of them; and how you can sign up if any sound interesting and creativity-inspiring to you.

The Morning Brew

This is my favorite daily newsletter right now because of the variety of business content they cover and it’s really well written and super entertaining at the same time. https://www.morningbrew.com/


This is another daily newsletter covering Business & Tech news in 5 minutes or less.  I find this one to be really well written too.  They do a great job explaining topics in layman’s terms. It’s a great mix of business and tech news, trends. And, I don’t see much crossover btw The Hustle and The Morning Brew so I like reading these two every day because it helps me read about a variety of things quickly. https://thehustle.co/


In the content marketing space, I get inspiration from the Content Marketing Institute’s tactical approach to helping us content marketers do our jobs better. https://news.contentinstitute.com/subscriptions “click on Email Updates” in top nav.


Another great daily newsletter—and full disclosure, I personally work with Katie Couric’s team on branded content for my Sleep Number client—who sponsors the newsletter. But, it’s a great newsletter covering a variety of news topics—both serious and light-hearted. Subscribe at https://katiecouric.com/wake-up-call/


Ann is the author of WSJ best selling book “Everybody Writes”, a speaker, and digital marketing pioneer who helps inspire marketers to create marketing magic that gets real-world results.  Her Total ANNARCHY newsletter comes out two times per month and is jam-packed with links about writing, marketing ideas, fresh thoughts. She also archives all of them on her website for future reading reference too. https://annhandley.com/


This is a tech news site with free and deeper content you can pay to access.  I’m not a paying member at this time, but I like that they pride themselves on covering things other outlets don’t. I always learn something about the tech space from them. https://www.theinformation.com/

M.M. Lafleur m-dash blog newsletter (retailer)

I think women’s retailer MM.LaFleur has one of the best brand blog email newsletters of any brand I’ve ever seen. Truly.  They have a great editorial voice and their e-newsletter feels like one a magazine would send me. It has the perfect blend of lifestyle and editorial content mixed with just the right touch of product mentions so it’s never salesy and always interesting to read.  Check it out. https://mmlafleur.com/mdash

JENNA Kutcher & amy porterfield entrepreneur emails

As a new entrepreneur, I follow Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield.  I feel like they’re my BFFs and we’ve never met. 😊  Personally, their emails give me an ongoing dose of positivity mixed with entrepreneurial biz advice. https://jennakutcher.com/ and https://www.amyporterfield.com/ .

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Sarah Panus has nearly 20 years’ experience helping billion-dollar brands drive leading ROI through brand storytelling. Sarah is a Minnesota mama, content strategist, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy, and owner of Kindred Speak LLC.  She’s on a mission to humanize brands; help content marketers reduce overwhelm/confusion; and raise money to fund child trafficking rescue missions. She spends her days working 1:1 with brand clients, and is newly getting into the online course space where she’ll teach you how to think like an Editorial Director, and build winning brand storytelling strategies. Follow Sarah on Instagram or LinkedIn as she helps brand content marketers who struggle with overwhelm or confusion at work. Learn more at www.kindredspeak.com.