Author and business owner, Sarah Panus

Sarah Panus, Chief Content Strategist

Sarah Panus has 20 years’ experience helping billion-dollar brands drive leading ROI through brand storytelling. Sarah is a Minnesota mama, content strategist, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy, and owner of Kindred Speak LLC.  She’s on a mission to humanize brands; help content marketers reduce overwhelm/confusion; and raise money to fund child trafficking rescue missions.

She spends her days working 1:1 with brand clients, and is newly getting into the online course space where she’ll teach you how to think like an Editorial Director, and build winning brand storytelling strategies.

Before starting her own consulting biz, Sarah spent the majority of her career leading content strategy on the corporate side, and understands the pressure in those roles. She comes from a world managing up to $10M budgets, but knows how to get scrappy too. Along the way, she figured out how to feel empowered, creative and less overwhelmed in her roles (while driving amazing results), and wants to help others feel the same. www.kindredspeak.com​​


Sarah’s approach is to layer data insights from multiple data sources of truth (i.e. SEO, social listening, paid media, brand audience data, third-party tools, customer service logs, etc.). After we know the insights, she can then help pair that with empathy-driven content ideas & partnerships. It’s all part of her F.E.D. Method.


Through countless campaigns, and millions and millions of sales generated, Sarah’s learned that the magic happens through connections.  Connection builds trust.  And, people buy things they trust.  They may trust it because you’re an industry expert, they feel like you really get them, or someone they know recommends your brand. Either way, it’s about finding the right content pillars for your brand storytelling strategies. 


Email Sarah at sarah@kindredspeak.com to discuss.