Sarah Panus

content & influencer marketing strategist creativity/brainstorming lover
minnesota mama

Hi! I’m Sarah Panus, a mom, content strategist and owner of Kindred Speak LLC.  I’m available for remote consulting on all things content marketing, influencer marketing, and brainstorming. Check out my SERVICES link for more details.

For 17 years I’ve helped brands drive engagements and revenue with all kinds of storytelling: PR, Social, Blogs, Influencers, Videos, SEO, and large third-party Media Partnerships including Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, HGTV.   


My approach is to layer data insights from multiple data sources of truth (i.e. SEO, social listening, paid media, brand audience data, third-party tools like Resonate, customer service logs, etc.). After we know the insights, I can then help pair that with empathy-driven content ideas & partnerships. 


Through countless campaigns, and millions and millions of sales generated, I’ve learned that the beauty of it all is connecting.  Brands need to connect with their audience. Connection builds trust.  And, people buy things they trust.  They may trust it because you’re an industry expert, they feel like you really get them, or someone they know recommends your brand. Either way, it’s about finding the right content pillars for your content marketing and influencer marketing strategies. 


Email me at sarah@kindredspeak.com to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. ‘d love to hear your needs to see if I can help you and your brand.