Using Data to Tell a Story With Jennifer George Caligiuri, Shutterfly – Episode 28

What’s the insight that helps shape a great story and solve a problem for your consumer? VP of Communications & PR at Shutterfly, Jennifer George Caligiuri, joins Sarah to share her experiences from Shutterfly, Headspace, Murad and The Wonderful Company.

Topics Discussed During this podcast episode

  1. What are some of the key things Jenn’s learned along the way for how to do brand storytelling well?
  2. How to use data to tell stories.
  3. Examples of stories Jenn’s worked on that use data.
  4. Places to look for data and insights to inform your brand storytelling.
  5. Support for brand storytelling across the brands Jenn has worked at.
  6. A mistake Jenn’s made and learned from in her career regarding internal PR for campaigns.

Links Mentioned in the episode

Connect with Jenn on LinkedIn

Connect with Jenn on instagram @itsmejenngeorge

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