Storytelling to End Slavery and Human Trafficking – with Brittany Baker, International Justice Mission – Episode 38

There are more people trapped in slavery today than any time in history. Marketing & Creative lead, Brittany Baker, joins Sarah to discuss the intersection of storytelling to honor the victims and drive donor action.


  1. IJM’s mission and who they help
  2. Stories of impact in driving audience attention and donors
  3. Why is human trafficking and slavery on the rise?
  4. IJM’s approach in telling stories that connect survivors with the people who want to help them.
  5. IJM Tips for navigating the balance of sharing a sensitive topic without oversharing.
  6. How IJM’s content team is structured to ID and create branded stories around the globe.
  7. Preferred video and other storytelling formats.
  8. How you can help Sarah


Let’s pool our money together to raise at least $6,780 to fund one child trafficking rescue mission through IJM.

VIDEO Links mentioned during this episode

Super Maarko video (the one that cinched Sarah’s support of IJM’s, mentioned at start of episode):

Kashi’s story:

Ester’s story:

Manasi’s story that resulted in 7,000 people being rescued:

ABOUT International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a global organization with a solution to end violence. They partner with local authorities in 24 program offices in 14 countries to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power against people who are poor. They work all around the world to free people trapped in slavery, and protect vulnerable people from brutal violence throughout the world: land theft, sex trafficking, police abuse of power, citizenship rights abuse, sexual violence against children, and forced labor slavery.


Brittany Baker is an experienced marketing and fundraising professional. Her biggest joy comes from building a team and seeing people grow professionally. She is a fundraising, marketing and communications professional. During the last decade+ she’s built programs and teams around a mass marketing goal for international causes. Every person matters in the fight to end injustice around the world, and Brittany enjoys helping people see that.

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