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What makes good brand storytelling? Thrive Global’s Director of Creative Strategy, Kavita Lokchander joins Sarah Panus on episode 08 to discuss: the roots of good brand storytelling.


  • Kavita Lokchander’s career journey from an indie filmmaker, transitioned to strategy, multiple roles and now leading at Thrive Global.
  • What makes good brand storytelling?
  • Once you have consumer insights, how do you figure out how to reach your consumer?
  • How Kavita has worked with big brands to connect the value of video brand storytelling efforts to the brand’s bottom line, and actually take the action the brand wants.
  • When you’re brainstorming, how do you tell if an idea is right for your brand?
  • What is creatively inspiring Kavita?
  • Hear multiple mistakes Kavita’s made and see if you can learn from her.
  • More on Kavita and Creative Director, Jason Moses, new project called Easier to Ignore @easiertoignore on instagram.
  • Wrapping up with her tip to do after this episode ends.
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links mentioned in this PODCAST episode

Visit Kavita’s Website: https://www.kavitalokchander.com/

Connect with Kavita on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kavitalok/

Starbucks work Kavita mentions: https://www.kavitalokchander.com/starbucks-upstanders-s2

Original article from Upworthy’s data science team about sharing and emotional intent: https://blog.upworthy.com/the-science-that-helps-upworthy-encourage-our-audience-to-share-stories-on-tough-subjects-c5ef1bf4299b

Sarah Panus is a content marketing strategist, Minnesota mom, and owner of Kindred Speak, LLC, a remote consultancy that helps brands with digital content marketing, influencer marketing, and brainstorming. She’s spent the last two decades helping brands including Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle Waters, Christos Bridal, Game Crazy, Cone Inc, and others speak a kindred language with their audiences, driving brand advocacy and millions in revenue and brand engagements. Email Sarah at sarah@kindredspeak.com to book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your brand storytelling questions and needs. Follow Sarah on Instagram or LinkedIn as she helps brand content marketers who struggle with overwhelm or confusion at work. Learn more at www.kindredspeak.com.